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    eladaki tou voria

The Product: Eladaki
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
eladaki - product

Eladaki extra virgin olive oil is an olive oil of high nutritional value, of organic cultivation that comes from our traditional centuries-old olive groves. a mild bitter taste.

It is a highly polyphenolic olive oil, with a fruity aroma that rewards you the moment you open the bottle. By tasting it, you can distinguish its spicy elements, leaving you a mild bitter taste at the end.

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Cretan Bliss
The Variety

The olive variety is Mastoidis, also widely known as "Tsounati"

with it’s name originating to the shape of the fruit which resembles to a female breast.

It is a purely Cretan variety

and one of the oldest in the Mediterranean region, with certain olive trees being 4000 years old.

Its fruit is off medium size, the leaves are thin

and pointed and the height of the tree can reach and exceed ten meters. The oil content of the fruit is +/- 30%.

Cretan Diet - The Benefits

The Cretan Diet had attracted the interest of the scientific community from the very first detailed world-wide dietary assessment by the Rockefeller Foundation in 1948 that offered impressive results.

  • State 01

    Correct interventions throughout the year to strengthen the soil of the olive groves.

  • State 02

    Proper pruning and care of olive trees and interventions for disease prevention.

  • State 03

    Collection of olive fruit from the olive trees and their placement in plastic crates for their transport to the olive mill after a few hours.

  • State 04

    Olive oiling process and the production of olive oil with the cold pressing. Filtering and storage in special tanks.

  • State 05

    Packaging and distribution process of the product.

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We hold multiple certifications, so all our activities are regularly checked and evaluated.

Organic farming optimises natural resources and does not use chemicals and is therefore much kinder to nature and to the earth.


Our products are awarded a certified organic (bio) food label. They comply with all the requirements of the organic regulations.

the area

Island of Crete

Our olive groves are located in an area of special natural beauty that is part of the Natura 2000 network.

  • Island of Crete


  • Rodakino

    municipality of Ag. Vasileiou

  • Agricultural and livestock farming area

    Idyllic and pristine beaches