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Extra Virgin Olive Oil


I’m Eladaki

Eladaki extra virgin olive oil is an olive oil of high nutritional value, of organic cultivation that comes from our traditional centuries-old olive groves. a mild bitter taste.

It is a highly polyphenolic olive oil, with a fruity aroma that rewards you the moment you open the bottle. By tasting it, you can distinguish its spicy elements, leaving you a mild bitter taste at the end.
Overall a delicious gastronomic taste trip down memory lane of the Cretan diet from a genuine Cretan olive oil.

George Chr. Xeroudakis is a 4th generation olive grower, continuing the family tradition in cultivating centuries-old olive groves.
It is a purely organic olive crop cultivation. The olive groves are centuries-old originating from the “Mastoid” variety which is vaccinated in a wild native olive variety.

The olive groves are mountainous in an amphitheatric layout and all the labor activities are done by hand, as the morphology of the ground does not allow the use of large machinery.

Having an excellent cooperation and companions the Institute of Horticultural Plants and Olives of Chania and the Department of Pharmacy of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, we start the oil harvesting early October every year and produce a premium extra virgin olive oil off the highest nutritional value, in other words a “natural medicine”.

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Our product is the result of a purely biological cultivation of traditional olive groves.

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